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What's up everyone? I'm Lykanz and I'm creating the comedic slice of life adult visual novel The Inn!

What IS The Inn anyway?

The Inn is a story driven Visual Novel made in Ren'py. It is a comedic slice of life that pokes fun on common Visual Novel clichés and stereotypes while telling the misfortunes of Mike (this is his default name, you can name him whatever you want), a down on his luck kind of guy who's been trying his life in the big city since he was 18 years old. Life hasn't been kind to him these last few years, but it's all about take a turn for the better (or worse?) when he meets a certain person.

v0.04 HS is up! Be sure to check it out!

Main Cast

While playing The Inn you'll meet and befriend a lot of cute girls. I plan on each one of them having their own storyline, sometimes even overlaping with each other's.

You can check the profiles for the current main cast of girls at the panel to your right! ->

Themes and Fetishes:

Being an erotic comedy, The Inn uses uses a larga gamma of fetishes and themes (some of them cliché) that you can usually find in erotic visual novels.

Themes that will be present in the game are (but not limited to):

  • MILF
  • Bigus Dickus
  • Robots
  • Muscle Girl
  • Creampie
  • Big Tits
  • Ahegao
  • Voyeur
  • And the bread and butter of any erotic visual novel (HJ, BJ, TJ, FJ, Anal, Vaginal)

Some other fetishes are also planed to feature on the future.

So yeah, that's it for now. I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoy making this game! See you around.


The Inn v0.04 HS - PC
The Inn v0.04 HS - Mac
The Inn v0.04 HS - Android (ARM)
The Inn v0.04 HS - Android (x86/x64)

Development log


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It been a year and you didn't update this

Your sense of humor coupled with everything else? Easily a game I am very much glad to follow and hungrily look forward to.

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

is there any more updates planed for this game... i would love to play more its a great game

Is the Halloween Special the end of the current gameplay? I can't get past Freddie.

did you ever get passed the freddie part? im stuck there too and cant seem to find a way past it

nope, gave up and haven't gone back. Sry

I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next update I hope its soon

Still waiting for an update

Is there a way to turn off the halloween special? I just want to play the default game.


Is there a non Halloween version.  Can't get past the freddy one.

To get past Freddy choose the first door. when you get knocked down and it's the 'far away' angle tap by the crates on the wharf quickly.

When I tried to accept your discord invite, it told me my email was already registered. That makes no sense, as this is the first time I have tried to go there. I have other discord sites that I go to, all the time. (Love the game btw

When is the new update coming out ?? Detalhes

Really enjoy this game, although I want more content! Can't wait for more. Visuals are great

This is very well thought out, and at moments I almost fell over laughing. Great work! Can't wait for more.

Is it only up to where the mc is neither chain sawed or a sword in his stomach?

This game's art is totally awesome :D, the story is cool too, can't wait for the updates. Wish you best luck ;).

when is 0.5 coming out?

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Is the last part really the when Lu is in your bed with red eyes? If so idk if im gonna play it anymore. or was there something i missed?

The current content for the game ends there, yeah.

The Inn is undergoing a total rework of it's base code to acomodate more features and make it easy for me to add more content later on. While I can't give an ETA of when the next update will be available as I don't have a set schedule (The Inn is not the only thing I work on), I can say that I'm on one of the final stages of porting the old content over to the new format.

I really thought it was gonna be like the other 2 games I really enjoy. Harem Hotel and Mythic Manor. If your new game is gonna be anything like them dud that would be way worth it. Plus if you do something in that area and have new characters popping in and out. You could make it to where there are a few main characters in the Inn but also make something like you reserved e-mails in game to buy a few other rooms, pool, lounge area, floors, and things like that. That way it'll help you build new ideas and have an income. But don't make the prices too high otherwise no one will be interested. Think about that. Here is my e-mail if you can use a little advice. Josiah_willingham@yahoo.com. And no i don't want anything for helping. I just like to play on going games that grow. You know what I mean? 

I actually have those features planned since I started writting the story and, yeah, you pretty much nailed everything that will be in game when the inn starts working. That being said, I still have to develop characters and set the world background before getting into the hotel management aspect of the game.

Well if you ever need advice please let me know. I've never created a game but I have always thought I could help someone that does. So yeah please let me know if you have anything to ask for your game. Like I said you have my e-mail address just in case you have a few thoughts and need another opinion.

Just curious if you've got an updated eta for next version. Ivory been asking, but it's been several months and even your patreon page doesn't say to much.

The download isn't compatible with the itch.io desktop app. Is there a way you could fix this?

I really haven't had time to mess around with the itch.io desktop app, sorry about that. I'll try and get it working for it on the next update!

okay thanks. If it's not a thing you can do, then don't worry about it. 

okay thanks. If it's not a thing you can do, then don't worry about it. 

Can you release a Linux package, or replace the PC and Mac packages with an ALL package?

Huh? I thought I had packaged the PC version to be compatible with Linux... Dang, I think I messed up during the building process.

I won't be able to replace them right now though.

I'll be sure to double check the Linux compatibility for the next update!

It could just be that you didn't mark the Windows package for Linux in itch settings. I'm using the desktop client, because I've always found it easier to manage game libraries that way.

when we will have the next update??

I can't give an ETA yet. What I can say is that all the code needed for this update is finished. Right now I'm in the middle of porting the old content over to the new system.

A masterpiece in the making~

Thank you for your words!

I'm playing in the android versio. Is there any more history instead of the halloween special or the game ends there? 

The Halloween special is the last released content for the game. Right now I'm working on refactoring the game code to make it more stable. You can check my patreon for a progress tracker on how the work is going.

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Excellent game I had to play in Portuguese because I really do not know English and in Portuguese I understand more or less

It would be very good if it were translated more into Spanish, so we would enjoy it many more people because unfortunately, we do not all know different languages.

Spanish is only a suggestion, even if translated with a Spanish translator, there is no problem.

It would be great if you could translate the truth

Metrovery good game and I hope you keep updating it. I loved.

: comentary translated with the Google translator:

Thank you for your kind words!

I'm playing on the android version and can't get past the freddy krueger level on the Halloween special please I love this game and I want to play it further but I can't do anything :((

When MC is on the ground after Freddy slams the door, you should look for a spot down by the pier, near the water, between the stairs and some crates. It's kinda hidden but just tap there and you'll find it.


I love the game and I'm eagerly waiting on the next update, I feel like this game has the potential to be as big as if not bigger than games like harem hotel or ecchi sensei. 

Haha, thank you for your words!

No man, thank you for the game :) 

  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Loved every minute of it! XD Can't wait for future releases! Loved the funny easter eggs, cameos and memes. This game made me laugh on multiple occasions (and somehow it still remains sexy as hell). Loved the contrast and lighting within the game (top notch stuff).

Keep up the good work!

Glad you liked it! That's exactly the feel I was going with the story, being silly funny while still sexy.

Dude pls i can't play, my sides are in space. Im laughing too hard with those crossovers and jokes.


Hahaha! I'm glad I could make you laugh to the point of not being able to play. :D